MFY’s subscription box is a powerful tool which helps you build your Messenger/email list right from your website. What makes the MFY widget quite powerful is that it can be customized to fit any of your needs. The following are a few examples of different forms in which the widget can be customized


Standard Widget

A default mBox will have the following elements to it

  • Title
  • Subtext
  • Call to action button (This can be just a Messenger subscription button or both messenger and email )



Widget with an image

We also provide you an option to add an image or even an animated GIF (as shown in the example below) to your subscription boxes. Images have shown substantial changes in conversion rates if you are giving your subscribers something like an ebook or a template as a lead magnet



Widget with just a title

Or you could just make it short and sweet. These kinds of widgets are perfect to inject in-between your articles to give your readers contextual subscription boxes. Since these are small and non-obtrusive, it doesn’t affect the reading experience.